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History of the Society.

      In 1958, Lyndon Page, then Director of Music at Handsworth Boy's Grammar School and of Kynoch Opera Company,formed the E.O.S. under the auspices of Erdington Institute of Further Education.

     Throughout the 60's and 70's, the Society performed at Marsh Hill School and Moor End Lane School .They were very successful, competing in and achieving the prestigious 'Midland Festival of Musical Theatre' awards on many occasions.   

In 1978, Production was handed over to Colin Lapworth and in 1983, David Allen became Musical Director. Since 1983, the Society, now functioning as an independent organisation, has performed at Dunlop Hall, Lichfield Civic Hall and most recently, Sutton Coldfield Town Hall.

Following the death of Mr. Page, in 1990,Marie Bassett,the Society Secretary for twenty years and stalwart of the Society, became the new President. She is fondly remembered for her unfailing support,loyalty and impish sense of fun

In 2002, Joan Lapworth became our current E.O.S President.Joan has previously served as Society Secretary and Committee Member for many years.Above all,however, Joan is best known for her highly successful performances in thirty productions.

In 1985,Joan won the Birmingham Evening Mail's 'Entertainer of the Year' award for her outstanding portrayal of Mad Margaret in 'Ruddigore'.

In 2008,the Society celebrated its Golden Jubilee with 'The Yeomen of the Guard'.In the final curtain speech,the Producer, Colin Lapworth gave a toast to the hundreds of people who have been members -- to the members of the orchestra--to past and present Patrons--and finally, to the thousands of people who have attended our performances.

      In 2018,on the Society's 60th birthday we gained the "Special Award" from NODA West Midlands. The Society celebrated this achievement with the knowledge that in the whole of its history there have only been two Producers-Lyndon Page and Colin Lapworth -and four Musical Directors - Lyndon Page, David Allen, Peter Bushby and Ian Hayward.It demonstrates the wealth of continuity the Society has enjoyed over the years,an achievement that most other Societies would envy.